You’re here because you need your taxes done. I’m here to do them.

LLC vs. S-Corp

Did you take advanced taxation classes in college? I didn't think so.

Let me help figure out your business strategy.


Did you forget to keep track of your expenses? You & everyone else.

Let us keep a quickbooks file for you.

State & Federal Taxes

Do you really want to do your own taxes with software you bought from the store? It knows nothing about your industry.

Spend more, save more. Weird thought, but I'm serious.

Tax Problems

Got a IRS or state tax letter? Don't ignore it.

Send it to me and I'll tell you what they want and how to fix it.

Personal Tax Return



Schedule C

Any other form than you need to file.


S-Corp or LLC Tax Return

11205 Tax Return

1065 Tax Return


$425 & up


All Quarterlies include state and federal filings.

1st Quarter - $85

2nd Quarter - $85

3rd Quarter - $85

4th Quarter - $150

$85 & up

S-Corp or LLC Entity Setup

I will introduce you to my team of Tax Attorneys. They are pretty cool, and they won't charge typical attorney fees to set you up.

Prices vary by state.

$395 & up

Click the link below to send me your tax documents.
This method is a secure and convenient way to get your tax documents to me.

Upload Tax Documents Here

Using your cell phone or tablet, snap pictures of all your tax documents. Visit this page in your mobile browser and click the upload link below. You can upload the pictures of your tax forms from your camera roll.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are you taking new clients?

Of course. Send me an email. Let's see if this relationship will work.

Where do we start? What do you need?

Go to the 'Forms' page and download the pdf file.

What do you charge?

Visit the page that says "Prices". I am not the cheapest, nor the most expensive. No, I will not charge the same as TurboTax.

How do I pay you?

You will recieve an invoice via email after the work is completed. Payments can be made online via card or bank draft. Your tax return will be e-filed after payment is recieved. If you want to pay via PayPal or Venmo. I can make that happen.

Do you only do taxes for those in the adult industry?

No, I will help anyone, no matter the state they live in. Don't be afraid to refer your friends. I won't be Taxxxguy to them. I run a successful 'regular' tax firm.

What if I can't pay my tax balance with the IRS or State?

That sucks, but it happens. The IRS and state tax commission will allow payment plans on outstanding tax balances. It's not the best option, but it's better than ignoring the bill. I can help you establish the payment plans.

Should I use a local accountant?

There is no need to walk into a tax office anymore. Everything is done electronically. I will gather your documents via email, secure online portal or any other way you can get them to me. Tax returns are delivered via your own private portal. You can even sign your return on your phone, computer or tablet.

The IRS keeps sending me letters. They look scary. What should I do?

Those letters are scary. They can take money out of your bank account and seize your assets if you ignore them. I can help you get them off your back.

Who made this awesome website?

I did. Thanks for asking.

Why should I use you?

Ask the 500+ models I do taxes for. They might have something good to say.