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You’re here because you need your taxes done. I’m here to do them.

You’re here because you need your taxes done. I’m here to do them.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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I often get asked about my story, so here is the quick version. This all started because a sex worker was turned away from her tax (un)professional due to her line of work, by pure luck she called me and the rest is history. I've evolved from a one-man operation to a small team that cares more about saving you money than the way that it's earned.


$ervices + Pricing

LLC vs. S-Corp

Did you take advanced taxation classes in college? I didn't think so.

Let me help figure out your business strategy.


Did you forget to keep track of your expenses? You & everyone else.

Let us keep a quickbooks file for you.

State & Federal Taxes

Do you really want to do your own taxes with software you bought from the store? It knows nothing about your industry.

Spend more, save more. Weird thought, but I'm serious.

Tax Problems

Got an IRS or state tax letter? Don't ignore it.

Send it to me and I'll tell you what they want and how to fix it.

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Personal Tax Return

1040 + Schedule C + Any other form that you need to file.



S-Corp or LLC Tax Return

11205 Tax Return + 1065 Tax Return + K1's


S-Corp or LLC Entity Setup

I will introduce you to my team of tax attorneys. They are pretty cool, and they won't charge typical attorney fees to set you up. We can also assist in website set up and design.

Prices vary by state.



1st Quarter - $100

2nd Quarter - $100

3rd Quarter - $100

4th Quarter - $150+


All Quarterlies include state and federal filings.



One on One Phone Consultations

30 minutes - $100

60 minutes - $150

90 minutes - $175

Speak with our SW industry business specialist for answers to any questions you may have.

Get personalized advice on financial planning, business structures, saving, retirement, and more.


Web Development

Basic - $700+

Traditional - $1000+

Premium - $1500+

We offer website set up ranging from a standard fill in the text website to a custom site with all copy included. Please email for more details on each package.




Click below for more details on the information needed and to send me your tax documents. Form files may not load on mobile, try using a computer if so.

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If you have any questions, don't hesitate to send a message!

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